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What to Expect When You’re (Almost) Expecting

Plus, Marie Kondo’s messy (!) new mom life

Good morning, everyone! And Happy Wednesday! How was your Valentine’s Day? Whether it was filled with heart-shaped everything, 1,000 yellow daisies just like Lorelai Gilmore would’ve wanted, or some quality solo time—we hope you felt the love. We’re so grateful you’re here. ❤️

 1   Super Pregnant for the Super Bowl 🏈

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

There were a few mamas-to-be at Sunday’s big game. Halftime show superstar (and supermom), Rihanna, revealed her baby bump during her iconic performance, making her the first pregnant woman to ever take the Super Bowl stage. Further proof that mom’s can really do it all!

Another one! Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce shared that his wife, Kylie, brought her OB/GYN to watch him play in the Super Bowl in Arizona Sunday…because she’s 38 weeks pregnant with the couple’s third child! Read about the so-called “Kelce Bowl” here.

 2   What to Expect When You’re (Almost) Expecting

How would you parent a teen? Who gets up for midnight feedings? What are your expectations? They’re just a handful of the questions this parenting TikToker says you should ask your partner before you have kids. What do you think—anything you would add to the list? Check out the rest of the questions right here.

 3   The Most Unique Way to Say “I love you”

Sponsored by Good Ranchers

Valentine’s Day is over, but expressing your love doesn’t have to end. This time, ditch the “usual” gifts that just don’t cut it. Say it with a subscription to Good Ranchers instead—100% American, hand-trimmed, steakhouse quality meat delivered to your door. Use code EASTFAM for $30 off your subscription.

 4   Marie Kondo Says a Little Mess is Fine

Variety/Getty Images

Just wait ’til Marie sees the playroom in my house. Marie Kondo, famous for her tidiness and “does it spark joy” approach to cleaning house, said she has “kind of given up” on keeping things perfectly tidy all the time. The reason? She’s now a mom of three. Going to file this one under things we very much get. Read more about Kondo’s new laid back approach.

 5   How to Survive (and Thrive) Bringing Home Baby #2

What advice would you give? Some of the very best words of wisdom on this Twitter thread from a mom preparing to bring home baby #2: be patient with yourself, take more pictures, and create special moments for your first born. Check out the rest of Twitter’s thoughtful advice on parenting through a major family transition right here.

 6   Shawn and Andrew Get Reel

Fair warning: You might spit out your coffee laughing at these two. Shawn and Andrew have been knocking it out of the park with their funny, very relatable Reels game lately. If you want a good laugh, we suggest this one, this one, and this one.

Thank you for reading! We hope the rest of your week is filled with leftover conversation hearts and good vibes. See you next week!