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Time to talk to kids about money 💰

Plus, how to accomplish a “cool mom” vibe

Hi, everyone! We know there are some Swifties out there who are going to love this: With Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in full swing (did you get tickets?!), we figured it was time to let you in on a little not-so-secret secret. Back in the day (read: 2009), our very own Shawn was featured in Taylor’s introduction video for her Fearless Tour. Just when we thought she couldn’t get any cooler…

 1   How to Talk to Kids About $$$

Best Egg

We think we can do better than just a piggy bank. April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to kickstart some personal financial goals. One we love? Getting better at teaching kids about money—because what they learn about $$$ at a young age will stick with ’em! It’s as easy as including kids in conversations (when appropriate) about money and savings. Here are some super simple tips to start teaching your kids about money!

 2   28 Brands for Cool Moms

“For cool moms, or those who want that cool mom vibe.” Thingtesting (a platform for discovering and reviewing online brands) has curated a list of 28 brands that are perfect for anyone hoping to accomplish that “cool mom” vibe—from clothing to skincare to diapers. Scan the whole list right here (and don’t blame us if you hit “add to cart” 28 times).

 3   What to Know Before Starting IVF 🤞

IVF can be a tough process. Doctors, medications, big hopes, and a whole lot of stress. But for anyone facing fertility problems, IVF can become an important part of the story of your family. In this eye-opening episode of FamilyMade Media’s Don’t Judge, Just Love with the Willardsons, Shannon and Chase share five things they wish they knew before starting IVF. Listen to the full episode here!

 4   What Do You Think: 4-Day School Week


Teachers are so. burned. out. One way to potentially help? A school district in Ohio is implementing a four-day school week to give teachers a chance to catch their breath. How it’ll work when it starts in August: Students attend school Tuesday through Friday. On Mondays, kids do self-guided work at home and teachers catch up on planning, student-free. FYI, the district will help parents with childcare needs. Read more about the plan and tell us what you think!

 5   Parenting Pep Talk Time 📣

You’re doing so much better than you know. But we get it! Sometimes the self-doubt can creep in, especially when we consider how high the stakes of raising a family can be. It’s a lot of pressure! This collection of parenting pep talks has something for everyone, no matter what’s keeping you up at night. You got this!

Thank you so much for reading! Here’s to hoping you finish the week strong…and blast some Fearless era T-Swift for fun. See you next week!