Want to improve your relationship?

Plus: Big news from Team FamilyMade 🍼

Hey there, you. It’s been a tough week for our local Nashville community and parents all over the country. We’re echoing Shawn’s words, hoping for change, and keeping the families of those affected by the tragedy at the Covenant School in our hearts this week. Sending you love, no matter where you are. ❤️

 1   Spring Cleaning? We’ve Got You Covered


These aren’t your Grammy’s spring cleaning hacks. Ever heard the saying “work smarter, not harder?” These TikTok-approved Spring Cleaning strategies take that to a whole new level. We’re talking Swiffers where they’ve never gone before and a way to get rid of that faint dog smell that’s been haunting your couch for months now. Upgrade your Spring Cleaning routine with these super smart hacks. 🧽

 2   It’s Almost April Fools’ Day…

Which means it’s time to whip out your best (harmless!) pranks. Dying the milk blue? Planting “doughnut seeds?” Swapping baby carrots for Cheetos? We love a silly April Fools’ bit, and this fun list is perfect for parents and caretakers hoping to get a laugh from their kids. Call us overly optimistic, but we think even the teenagers might get a kick out of some of these. Unleash your inner jokester and get the full list here. 😂

 3   Big News from Team FamilyMade! 🍼

Congratulations are in order! We’re so excited for our friends Mykayla and Jonas, who just announced that they’re welcoming a baby later this year! They talked about finding out, Mykayla’s early pregnancy symptoms (hello nausea and emotional rollercoasters and cravings), and the excitement of those early weeks of pregnancy in their latest episode of FamilyMade Media’s Agree to Disagree. Listen to the full episode here!

 4   You’re Gonna Want to Bookmark These Recipes

We’ll let the headline do the talking: “16 Versatile Dinners I Make All The Time That Taste Incredible On Day 1, Even Better The Next Day, But Truly Unbelievable On Day 3,” courtesy of BuzzFeed. Even if you’re not a “leftovers person,” you can get behind avoiding food waste, making your prep get you further, and trying new recipes, right? We sure can. Browse these must-make meals (and fair warning: this is dangerous scrolling if you’re hungry).

 5   Want to Improve Your Marriage (and Friendships, Too)?

We’ve got two options for you: Option 1? Take a cue from these relationship and psychology experts to make small changes that can lead to major impact—think tiny acts of kindness and meeting your partner halfway to connect more frequently and more deeply. Option 2? Follow the advice of your favorite celebrity couple. 🤷‍♀️ There’s no wrong way to work on connecting with the people you love!

Thank you so much for reading! Have a Spring Cleaning hack you want to share? Got the perfect tip for soon-to-be parents Mykayla and Jonas? You know our inbox is always open! Hit reply and sound off. See you next week!