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Shawn & Andrew's Goal Setting Method ✨ & FREE Download!!

Download Shawn and Andrew's personal vision casting guide they use to set their family up for success year after year

Getting On The Same Page ✔️

Shawn and Andrew recently sat down and talked about how they set intentional goals for their family on their podcast, Couple Things.

Check out the video below if you missed the episode! You can also listen to the audio version of the podcast HERE

Not sure why Andrew’s wearing glasses and a hat for this interview? Watch the clip to find out 🤪

Got Any Downtime this Summer? ☀️

Use your free time to sit down with your family and vision cast together!

Shawn and Andrew put together a FREE Vision Casting plan for you and your family to download and make your own!

Click the graphic below to download their FREE guide!

Shawn and Andrew with their two oldest Children, Drew and Jett

“Sitting down with your spouse and going through our vision casting plan really sets your family up for success. For Shawn and I, it’s been so beneficial to lay out our year and set expectations for different aspects such as travel, date nights, family events and so on. Walking through this guide we put together helps put a tangible, numerical value to each of your family goals.”

-Andrew East

Reply to this email and let us know if you follow the vision setting guide and set any family goals this summer, we’d love to hear from you!

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