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  • Shawn + Andrew's Book Recs - First Time Parent Edition! 👶🏼📚

Shawn + Andrew's Book Recs - First Time Parent Edition! 👶🏼📚

Feeling overwhelmed with all the parenting info out there? We've got you covered!

First-Time Parent Info Overload 🤯🤷‍♀️

In a world with SO much information readily available on every topic under the sun, becoming a first-time parent can feel overwhelming! 😵‍💫

FamilyMade wants to simplify this for you so you can focus on what really matters- your growing family!

Shawn and Andrew are often asked to share their top book recommendations for first time parents and we’ve got the list for you below!

Consider this list a one-stop shop to prepare you for parenthood 📚

Another Shawn “Must Have”💤

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“These weighted sleep sacks have been a game changer for all three of my babies! Before Bear taught himself how to roll over, he was sleeping in the weighted sleep swaddle, which was nice because it can be worn three different ways. Now that he’s rolling over and shouldn't be swaddled with his arms tucked in, we’ve switched him over to the transition swaddle. This thing works wonders and his sleep has drastically improved after using it. I’m talking several extra hours of sleep a night! It’s made with 100% natural cotton for temperature regulation and has a two-way zipper, a game changer for diaper changes. Couldn’t recommend Dreamland Baby products more!”

 - Shawn Johnson East

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Shawn and Andrew’s Book Recs for First-Time Parents! 📚👶🏼

Click the graphic below for a link to all books!

Want more of their top book recommendations? Click HERE 

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