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How much should your marriage change?

Plus, a ranking of the best choc-chip cookies around 🍪

Happy Hump Day! And welcome (finally!) to March. 💐 We’re one step closer to tan lines, neighborhood cookouts, and summer break. Can you tell we’re warm weather people here at FamilyMade? No matter the season, though, we hope you have a sensational day. See you at the bottom!

 1   Say Hello to the Guide to Modern Parenting

What worked for you might not work for your kids. So how do you become a modern parent—and raise a child to become a person you really, actually like?

This extensive guide from the NYT attempts to answer those questions, covering everything from basic parenting styles to discipline tips to dealing with technology. Whether you’ve got little ones already or hope to have them someday, you might want to bookmark this guide—in a world with tons of voices telling you how, when, and why to parent, it’s great to have one go-to resource. Check it out here.

 2   The Ultimate Ranking of Chocolate Chip Cookies??

We are so there it’s insane. Because there’s never a bad time for cookies! This TikTok creator has spent months testing out the internet’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes…and she shares them all (complete with notes on difficulty and chewiness) for those of us brave enough to whip out the stand mixer to test ourselves. Check out her incredible baking content here and behold the ultimate chocolate chip cookie ranking here.

 3   How to Help Your Kids With Test Anxiety

Turns out, the answer isn’t always C. And that can send some kids into a tailspin! Experts think somewhere between 25% and 40% of students in the U.S. experience “test anxiety,” aka that awful feeling that they might fail a test or exam (which can often come with headaches, shortness of breath, or difficulty concentrating).

Got a little one who gets all worked up before a spelling quiz or standardized test? Here are some tips to help them work through it.

Ever dealt with those pre-test jitters in your household?

Let us know by clicking one of the two options below.

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 4   Ch-Ch-Changes (Marriage Edition)

How do you know when change is a good thing? Shawn and Andrew got candid about the ways that having kids has changed their relationship in this recent episode of FamilyMade Media’s Couple Things. Listen here for the 411 on how bringing home babies shifts the vibe.

 5   The Newlyweds Game 2.0

Celebrities…they’re just like us—even they forget their spouse’s childhood pet’s name. The GQ Couples Quiz is the binge-able content you need to put on in the background while you (finally) clean the bathroom this weekend. Two famous—and famously coupled—stars answer personal questions about their partner. And yes, it’s as fun as it sounds. We love this one with Dave Franco and Alison Brie, this one with Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, and this one with Emma Chamberlain and Role Model.

Thank you so much for reading! Here’s to hoping the rest of your week is filled with only good changes, no test stress, and plenty of ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies. See you soon!