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Making Friends as an Adult is Hard, We're Talking About It...

Andrew's daddy daughter date, FamilyMade tips for making friends and more!

Andrew’s Daddy-Daughter Date 🌹✨

For Valentine’s Day this year, the adorable pair dressed up in their Valentine’s Best to head to the nail salon together! Drew was so excited her daddy was taking her to get her nails painted.

Drew picked out the color red for Andrew to paint his toenails but he ended up just getting one nail painted and told Drew it’s because she’s “one of a kind!” Maybe next time for the full pedicure 🙂 

Let’s jump into today’s topic….

Making Friends As an Adult 😬

We all need community in order to thrive but why is making friends harder than it used to be?! We’re here to help! See below for some FamilyMade tips but first…

Jamie Otis Hehner, former “Bachelor” and “Married at First Sight” contestant & co-host of the hit podcast “Hot Marriage. Cool Parents” opened up about her experience making friends as an adult in a recent episode of their show:

Click HERE for the full episode

Jamie Hehner- “I never knew it'd be so difficult to find friends as an adult. A few years ago, we moved across the country. We knew no one when we settled down in Sarasota, Florida. I tried to scout out friends at the park. I'd take my kids to the playground and look for other moms who seemed about my age, with kids about my children's age. I'd try to casually strike up a conversation. It usually led to nothing, but one time I exchanged numbers with a mama…”

Read the full article HERE

FamilyMade’s Tips for Making Friends as an Adult 🙋‍♀️

Shawn and Andrew had a similar conversation about making quality friends with New York Times Best-selling author, Jennie Allen, on their podcast Couple Things

A sneak Preview of the conversation:

Andrew East- “What are some lessons you could share with people who may want to make friends but are shy or have some social anxiety?”

Jennie Allen- “You’re probably around people anyway so you don’t need to do something like go out to a party to meet people. You could meet someone for coffee, someone you already know from your child’s school, or if you’re single, from your apartment complex. Ask yourself how you can invest in one person that’s already around you instead of feeling like you have to put yourself out there to meet people. You really can find friends in the fabric of your lives!”

Listen to the audio version of this interview HERE

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