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  • FREE East Family Safety Playbook 🏠🚨🧯

FREE East Family Safety Playbook 🏠🚨🧯

Shawn and Andrew put together a free safety list to ensure your family is safe and sound 😊

Safety Starts at Home! 🏠

Andrew with his two oldest kids on their rock climbing wall

When it comes to the safety of your family, there’s not much that matters more ❤️

From pool safety to pet safety, FamilyMade wants to give you the confidence to walk through parenthood with ease (well, as much ease as possible 😉)

Household safety is something Shawn and Andrew are passionate about and they want to help your family thrive!

The Easts put together a FREE Family Safety Playbook for you to download so you can make sure your family is safe and sound and prepared for the unexpected 🙏🏼

Click the graphic below for an explanation of each section ✨

It’s always a good idea to make updates and revisions as your family grows and matures, just be certain to have a process for updating rules and an annual review schedule that works best for you!

Want to Add a Few Safety Measures to Your Home? 🧯

We’ve got you covered!

Click the graphic below for some of Shawn and Andrew’s favorite safety essentials that are mentioned in their Free Safety Playbook ✨

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