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East Fam Favorite Outdoor Activities + Screen Time Tips ☀️

Need to keep your kids occupied & having fun this spring and summer? Look no further!

Spring is in the Air 🌼

Did you know spring technically goes from March 19 to June 20 this year? So there’s PLENTY of time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine ☀️

Make this a spring to remember with some of the East Family’s favorite outdoor activities below!

Andrew with their two oldest kids, Drew and Jett

East Family Outdoor Favorites ☀️

Click the image below for links to more outdoor fun ⛱️

Shawn spending time outside with her oldest daughter, Drew, and Youngest son, Bear.

“Spending time outside is a game changer for our kids. On days where we’re cooped up in the house, everyone gets a little stir crazy so we try to take advantage of the fresh air. Our kids love anything that involves water or coloring so simple water toys and chalk are always a win at our house! Find a few activities you know your kids won’t get sick of and enjoy time outside together all spring and summer long!”

-Shawn Johnson East

Spring Family Trivia 🧠☀️

Think you know a lot about spring? Test your knowledge below by seeing how many answers you can get right!

(Answers can be found at the end of the newsletter)

Trivia Questions:

  1. Finish this statement: April showers bring...

  2. What is the official birth flower of March?

  3. What is the birthstone of April?

  4. How many eyes do bees have?

  5. In which country do cherry blossom trees signify the beginning of spring?

  6. What animal is most associated with the month of April?

  7. How do earthworms breathe?

  8. What is the main spring allergy trigger?

  9. Which country did the Easter Bunny tradition originate from?

  10. What is the first day of spring also known as?

Outdoor Time > Screen Time 📱

Friend of FamilyMade & co-founder of Aro, Joey Odom, shared tips with our FamilyMade community on how to minimize screen time and maximize time outdoors

Interested in learning more about how to balance screen time in your home?

Head to goaro.com and use the code FAMILYMADE for $15 off a prepaid one year membership and $24 off a two year membership.

Trivia Answers:

  1. May flowers

  2. Daffodils

  3. Diamonds

  4. Five

  5. Japan

  6. A Rabbit

  7. Through their skin

  8. Pollen

  9. Germany

  10. The Vernal Equinox

How many did you get right?!

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