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  • 🥁 DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! Tickets to Our LIVE Event are Now Available & YOU Get First Access!✨

🥁 DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! Tickets to Our LIVE Event are Now Available & YOU Get First Access!✨

Our loyal newsletter subscribers have first access to tickets our FamilyMade LIVE event on May 10!!

Drum Rolllllllll Please!!! 🥁

Tickets to our FamilyMade LIVE Event are available NOW! 

(and you, our loyal newsletter subscriber, are of course the first to know! 🥰)

🚨TODAY ONLY- Newsletter subscribers have first access to early bird discounted pricing before tickets open up to the public!

Calling all moms out there! Check out our event details below so you can snag your seat before it sells out!

All About our FamilyMade LIVE Event:

WHAT: FamilyMade Presents the 2024 “I Am Mom Summit”

WHERE: LIVE in Salt Lake City, Utah

WHEN: Friday, May 10, 2024

WHY: To celebrate, encourage and spoil moms because they deserve it!



*Discounted ticket pricing ends Sunday 3/24/24

There’s no better time than the Friday before Mother’s Day weekend to celebrate moms and all they do! 🙂 💖

Shawn and Andrew at last year’s “I Am Mom Summit”

“I know personally I’m in need of a “mom’s day out” and this event will definitely do the trick! Andrew and I will be hosting it together and we have an incredible lineup of speakers, fun goodies and snacks for every person in the audience, vendor booths for shopping AND not to mention, some amazing giveaways because who doesn’t love winning free stuff?! 😉 I can’t wait to see all you mamas there!”

-Shawn Johnson East

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