Don’t show this to Grandpa…

Plus: a new approach to the fourth trimester

Hi, everyone! Welcome to spring, finally! A decade ago, spring probably meant baseball tailgates, the return of your trusty denim cut-offs, and finding your go-to rosé before summer. These days? Spring is officially the season of sneaking asparagus, peas, and as much seasonal produce as you can purée into your kids’ meals.

Here’s to a beautiful, fun-filled spring, no matter what yours looks like! 💐

 1   Phil Dunphy Fans, This One’s For You


"If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring?" According to the British Psychological Society, dad jokes just like that one are actually…good for kids? Turns out that specific fatherly brand of humor and gentle teasing teaches kids to withstand embarrassment, regulate emotions, and control impulses. Read more about the developmental benefits of corny jokes here. And then? Find a list of some all-time dad jokes right here.

 2   Putting the Co in Co-Parenting

Make the kids your priority, practice direct communication, and stay consistent. Those are just some of the best practices for modern co-parenting (but honestly—these tips are top notch for anyone raising kids with another person, whether together or separately). Read more from two parenting experts about 1) what co-parenting is and 2) how to do it effectively right here.

 3   Don’t Forget About What You Need

Spring can feel like the busiest, most hectic time of the year…which also makes it the most important time to prioritize communication with your partner and family. On one of our favorite episodes of FamilyMade Media’s Couple Things ever, Shawn and Andrew interview Khadeen and Devale Ellis to hear about how they express their needs, evolve in their relationship, and parent four kids in a busy, busy world. Listen to the episode right here!

 4   Would You Go to a Postnatal Retreat?

What if your fourth trimester was more like a stay at a luxury hotel? For some parents, that’s the solution to that “what do we do now” feeling you get upon leaving the hospital with your new bundle of joy but without an instruction manual. So-called “postnatal retreats” are gaining popularity—they’re pricey, to be sure, but could they teach us more about the ways we support and educate new parents? Check out this piece and let us know what you think.

 5   Marking World Down Syndrome Day 🌎

Genevieve Brown

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day! We love taking the chance to celebrate families of all kinds, especially our friends with an extra chromosome. In this beautiful essay, writer Genevieve Brown shares what she wishes she’d known about raising a son with Down syndrome—it’s a must read for all parents of all kinds!

Thank you so much for reading! Here’s to hoping your spring cleaning goes quickly (and it’s totally okay if you make that a summer thing—we won’t tell). Have a wonderful week!