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Here Comes the Sun (Finally!) ☀️ + EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY!

Download our FREE March to-do list of activities the whole family can enjoy together & share it for the chance to win $100!

Spring, Is That Finally You?! 🌸🐣🌱

It sure is!! Well…almost. The first *official* day of spring this year is Tuesday, March 19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting a springtime pep in your step a little early!

FamilyMade wants to help make this a March to remember for you and your family so check out our “March to-do list” we’ve created for you below!

✨Newsletter Exclusive Giveaway ✨

We love knowing that you and your family are making memories together so as an added bonus for our newsletter subscribers only, once you download the image below, share it on Instagram and tag @FamilyMadeMedia for your chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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“Our favorite activity to do together once the weather warms up is a family bike ride. Drew and Jett both love riding their bikes with us and sometimes I’ll bike them to school together and they think it’s so much fun. I challenge you to find an activity that everyone in your family enjoys doing and make it a priority this month. You’ll never regret spending that time together.”

-Andrew East

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