Are you a mealtime superhero?

Shawn and Andrew are releasing hit after hit

Hi, everyone! Here’s a gentle reminder—Mother’s Day is May 14. That’s 18 days from now…just enough time to order something special (read: something you didn’t find on Amazon’s home page) for the moms and mother figures in your life. Looking for some inspiration? Look no further. 🌻

 1   How to Find the Best Babysitter for Your Family

Let us guess…you need a date night? We sure bet you do. And when you do finally change out of leggings for some quality time with your partner, you don’t want to spend the whole time stressing about the sitter at home with your kids. So? Hire a babysitter you can trust—here’s how to do just that.

 2   What Is Diet Culture Teaching Our Kids?

It can be tough to practice what we preach as parents, but when it comes to body acceptance? That’s the best thing we can do for the little ones we’re raising. In her new book, Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture, journalist Virginia Sole-Smith explores how we can change the conversation around weight, health, and self-worth for our kids—so they can grow up to accept their bodies wholeheartedly. Getting honest about mealtime best practices, teaching kids to trust their guts (literally!), and rethinking what “healthy” means…we’re so there. Check out the book here and a Q&A with Sole-Smith here.

 3   We’ve Got Your Podcast Binge Covered


It’s been a busy month for Shawn and Andrew. Their podcast, FamilyMade Media’s Couple Things, has been dropping hit after hit after hit. Want to catch up on all the amazing episodes Shawn and Andrew have released this month? Check ’em out →

 4   Barbie Marks a Historic First


Today in good news: Mattel debuted its first-ever Barbie with Down syndrome. The doll, which is part of Barbie’s diversity-focused Fashionistas collection, was “created to allow even more children to see themselves in Barbie, as well as have Barbie reflect the world around them.” This gives us yet another reason to get excited for this summer’s Barbie movie! Check out the brand new Barbie doll here.

 5   The Best Apps for Soon-to-Be Parents

Want more than “your baby is the size of a melon?” There’s an app for that! This super helpful roundup of the best pregnancy apps for soon-to-be parents from Dr. Steve Rad, an OB-GYN in Los Angeles, has something for everyone—mental health, safe and effective workouts, ways to support expecting partners, and more. Read the full list here!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have a lovely week, and we’ll see you back here next Wednesday.