To do: Make adult friends ✅

Plus: Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts

Hi, hey, hello! Around here, we love a challenge. Guess we get that from Shawn and Andrew, who have been busy taking on all of the couples challenges you tag them in on Instagram. They made this one look easy enough to try ourselves. But this one…? We’ll leave it to the pros. Here’s to hoping your day is full of the kind of challenges you can easily meet (like sneaking peas into dinner).

 1   Why Secondary Infertility Is So Tough

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Have you heard of secondary infertility? Maybe you have, or maybe your family is facing it (sending you hugs if so ❤️). Secondary infertility, which is the inability to have another child after having a first, affects about 11% of U.S. couples. Like any fertility challenge, it’s an emotional experience—we were moved by this mom’s heartfelt account of what it’s like to struggle with secondary infertility. Read it here.

 2   Looking for a Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve told you about Thingtesting (a platform for discovering and reviewing online brands) before, and they’re back at it again with some stellar gift recs from new mom and entrepreneur Rae Drake. Check out Rae’s New Mom Favorites here and her tasteful ideas for moms “who love to eat and entertain” here. *Adds to cart 🛒*

 3   The Definitive Guide to Making Adult Friends

We’ve all been there. You don’t see your college friends quite as much as you used to, the other parents at school are tough to connect with, and the neighbors are in their 70s and retired. Making friends as an adult feels impossible, but you know having a group of close pals is good for your health. So what to do? Take a cue from these 20 ways to make friends as an adult, vetted by experts and approved by your FamilyMade fam. Let us know how your next game night, book club, or yoga class goes. 🙂

 4   Is Your Family Constantly Getting Sick? 3 Things About Immune Support You Didn’t Know
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Kids get sick an average of 6–12 times per year—especially those under 5 who have shown to be infected with some kind of respiratory virus a full 50%(!) of the year.

There are tons of immune support supplements out there geared toward kids and moms, but they’re mostly missing the mark. Our friends at Needed identified these gaps and built the product they wanted for themselves—read more about their approach here. (And use code FAMILYMADE for 20% off your supply of Needed supplements).

 5   How This Couple Manages Their Finances 💰

…And stays sane doing it. On this week’s episode of FamilyMade Media’s new podcast Growing with The Nhiras, Brian and Sonia (who are experts on all things faith, purpose, and relationship) share an up close and personal look at how they manage their household finances. You can count on practical advice (🤩) for married couples to become good stewards of their money and live a lifestyle of generosity. Listen to the episode here!

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