8 Tips to Help Your Kid Calm Down

Plus, 2023's top baby name trends

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 1   Do Toys Still Have to Be Gender-Specific?

Modern parents know their children shouldn’t be limited by gender when it comes to play. It’s play after all! But Atlantic author Stéphanie Thomson points out that the toy industry seems to disagree.

After observing the type of TV ads her 3-year-old daughter was exposed to, the gender divide was clear. Read more about what Thomson learned.

 2   How to Help Your Kids Help Themselves

Little kids have big feelings. Once the baby phase is over, swaddling, shushing, and swaying aren’t really options for parents trying to avoid a meltdown anymore.

No matter the age, being able to self-soothe is a skill we should all empower our children (and ourselves for that matter) with. Read 8 tips to do just that here.

 3   The Argument for Scheduling Sex

Practical or a mood-killer? The idea of couples scheduling time for intimacy has always been a hot debate.

In this episode of Never TMI from the FamilyMade Network, Jaclyn and Seth Gibson share their personal experiences exploring the benefits and drawbacks of planning intimacy in your relationship. Give it a listen.

 4   What to Do When Your Kid Loves Roblox But You’re Conflicted

Roblox seems to be all the big kids want to do these days. But parents aren’t sold—is it safe? What are the social impacts of online gaming for young kids?

Some say Roblox is harmless while others feel it hurts kids’ socialization. Puzzling you too? Check out this advice from parenting expert Ilana Wiles.

 5   2023’s Baby Name Trends

In need of some inspiration? Word names, goth glam names, and Scandinavian names are some of the categories dominating the 2023 baby name rankings. Explore the trends here.

And while we’re here:

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